FANDOM 1 var den första sidan som fick systemet

är ett CMS-system utvecklat av var den första sidan som fick det systemet.

Ett uttalande om systemet från (2010):

"About the upgrade

As we have yet to complete a document on upcoming functionality we would like to make a short comment on the upgrade.


The main purpose for the ongoing upgrade is to unite all sites on the same version of the Butler platform. Current sites resides on three different versions

microsites like,
1.3-sites like,
1.4-sites like,
( is also scheduled to be included on the regular Butler platform)

After all sites have been upgraded to version 1.5 we can begin the final iterations towards completing version 2.0. Most of the backend mechanisms needed in 2.0 is already designed and implemented but needs to be incorporated in the current source code. These final iterations will be much smaller and should be much less noticeable with regards to bugs.

Ideally it would have been nice to upgrade all sites to version 2.0 directly but unfortunately there are just too many breaking changes to make an exhaustive upgrade script. To give you an example there are over 2200 lines of database code needed for the current upgrade from version 1.3 to 1.5.

Regarding the new administration view we must emphasize that both the desk tab, the editorial tab and the community tab are yet to be fully completed. Although some of the functionality is in place the final iterations towards version 2.0 will complete the listings in e.g. the editorial tab. Until it is complete it might be better to work against the article module tab under the modules tab as that contains the same functionality as the article tab in the previous versions.

Be advised that the crosspublication feature cannot be activated until all sites sharing articles have been upgraded. This is due to changed image paths for articles in the upgraded version.

Some of the more noticable changes in version 1.5 (some of which will be activated shortly after the upgrade is complete):

New user roles and permission system to allow for more fine grained access to modules and functionality
75% friendly urls on content
Ability to create pages
Ability to create boxes and assigning them to pages, i.e. add boxes to the front page and reorder them
Ability to activate modules and turn on/off features
New modules like polls and video galleries

Version 2.0 is aiming for

Allow to desk all kinds of content (so you don't have to create a referrer article to tease e.g. online games)
Allow all content to be (if you want) liked, rated, reported, commented, tagged, visited (register visits) and categorized
Allow all editorial content to be crosspublishable
Finalize friendly urls for remaining areas like articles and profile sections
Finalize the desk and permission system
Finalize an API for sharing information between sites and with third parties (e.g. CRM systems)
Gather daily statistics on all content produced on sites, to be displayed on desk
Make documentation available.

Backend-wise the project has undergone some substantial changes to allow for a more customizable and standardized solution.

We hope that most of the major bugs in the upgraded version has been addressed now with the completion of upgrading the three norwegian 1.3-sites, but we will add additional logging to allow us to spot problems early on."


Personer kända för att ha utvecklat delar/varit iblandade av/kring Butler CMS är bland annat Stormen, Thogermeister och flipp_ (användare på

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